FEDERAL RESERVE Inflations Myths Exposed

The Federal Reserve has used a stunning array of tricks to convince the world that it has any clue what it’s doing. Yet keep in mind, this is the same institution that couldn’t see the housing bubble. Even after it started imploding (check out these comments by Ben Bernanke or Hank Paulson if you need some verification).

Of course one of the most often used whoppers is the Federal Reserve’s Keynesian perspective on the topic of inflation. Where the Fed fears that if prices aren’t rising fast enough, that somehow that’s a problem.

Personally, my belief in recent years has been this is just a 3 Stooges routine set up to confuse the public. While in reality it’s difficult to believe the Fed really doesn’t understand the damaging impact it’s creating on the economy.

So to resolve the myths that are perpetrated, and help you read through the Fed’s nonsense so you can plan for what actually will occur, click to watch the video now!

Chris Marcus

Arcadia Economics
“Helping You Thrive While We Watch The Dollar Die”


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